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How much time does the Murder Mystery event take?

We can tailor our events to your needs. A fast Murder Mystery can last as little as an hour a more elaborate one can last 2 or more hours.

Are the shows gory or scary?

There is nothing scary or gory during any of our events. The “Murder” and the evidence is bloodless and mostly silly.

Are the shows appropriate for everyone?

All of our events are corporate and family friendly. We avoid any material that is political, sexual, racial, religious or controversial in any way.

How do you keep the events interesting?

“Diversity -Each task we design is completely different from the others. Seasoned theater professionals, comedy writers and improv comedy instructors have structured our events using time tested team building formats.”

How do you keep the events moving?

“Our facilitators operate under very specific guidelines that have been designed to minimize lulls and maximize momentum before after and during the various tasks, games or skits.”

Does everyone have to participate?

No one is forced to participate but we encourage everyone to join in at whatever level they are comfortable with.

Are the Murder Mystery events funny?

Events are hilarious! Seasoned comedy writers did all of our scripting and professional improv comedy instructors designed our formats.

Can the event be tailored to a specific message or theme?

Any of our events can be customized. Your themes, messages, products and goals can be featured in many different ways via scripting or visual elements.

Are costumes and props provided?

We provide all of the costumes necessary for the Suspects and Witnesses to use during the Mystery. We also provide all of the props and investigation tools necessary for the other participants to execute the investigation.

Do you present awards?

Usually we present awards for “Most Accurate Deduction”, “Most Far-Fetched Deduction” and “Best Sketch Artist Rendering” You are more than welcome to present additional awards at the end of our events or if you would prefer we can do it for you.

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